All That Glitters

05-19-2000 (Netherlands);12-20-2000 (US)

Season 1
Approx. Length

30 min.

22 min.(without commercials)

Plot Shakespeare, a rogue, is looking for a mob to join.
Protagonist Shakespeare,Cash
Antagonist Jericho, Gunlock, Gooseneck
Anti-Heros Enterprise, Fink
Following Episode Lost in Paradise

Shakespeare was a rogue meerkat when he arrived in May 2000 (the episode is aired December 2000 in the US). He met up with Jericho and his clan, Igneox, first. However, Jericho, would not accept Shakespeare and tells his minons, Gunlock and Gooseneck to lead Shakespeare far away. Gunlock and Gooseneck would take turns shoving Shakespeare into different areas for at least fifty seconds. Shakespeare, amazingly, did not fret. He actually did not get mad. However, Gunlock and Gooseneck would shove Shakespeare for at least sixteen hours! Shakespeare was eager to find food, but he was unable to. Shakespeare was so hungry, that you could see his bones! However, from moving endlessy in the beating sun, Gunlock, is in danger of hyperpyrexia, and faints. Gooseneck drags Gunlock back to Igneox in insulation. Shakespeare, who has moved very little, now searches for fresh grub to eat. Shakespeare succeeds, finding several Tenebrionidae larvae. He grows a little fatter, and then joins a clan called Geoto, with a king named Enterprise(main protagonist of season 4) and a queen named Fink(main protagonist of season 5-6).

Shakespeare was accepted into Geoto, being a favourite, and a breakout character when he saved Enterprise's and Fink's youngest son, Cash, from a stampeding herd of wildebeest in episode #3. Enterprise accepted Shakespeare as the Grand duke of Geoto, and Shakespeare eagerly accepted. Notable.

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