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Cash Geoto(born in November 3rd, 2000) is the youngest son of Enterprise and Fink, and is also the main protagonist of Mile Meerkat season eight. He was adventurous as a pup, often stealing the spotlight from the main protagonist of season one, Shakespeare.He first appeared in the pilot, when he was searching for grubs on his own when a herd of wildebeests almost trampled him, but Shakespeare saved him and was then the Arch duke of the Geoto clan.


Technically, Cash is not actually a prince/king, since he is the YOUNGEST, but since his eldest brother, Needmore, was killed by Jericho in episode #140, and in 2003(season 4), Cash would then take out Jericho's henchmen one by one. He still does this as the series continues, but has only striken Jericho about five times.

Cash Geoto was born in November 2000. After season 4, Cash reguarly arrives in the Igneox clan to take out the clan one-by-one, and by season six, his main target would be Jericho. However, he still continues to procrastinate just to make Jericho worry. His latest attack was on June 9th, 2010.


Adult Cash

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