Gaylord(born in July 1st 2001-March 23rd, 2002) is the fearless rogue Turkish Angora who served as a short-lived antagonist of Mile Meerkat season two(first appearing in #7-#15), as she fought Clan Aerodu. She is a female, although she has a male name.


Because she has only appeared in one season and has lived a very short life, Gaylord is barely remembered in Mile Meerkat today. She is a minor antagonist who almost killed Cleopatra. Although she is a minor antagonist, she did manage to be #4 on the Top 20 Mile Meerkat Villians list; behind Wopowog, Caesar, and Jericho.


Gaylord is a pure white Turkish Angora with a deep hatred for meerkats. She has a sadistic attitude, only responding to anger. She was made a target for Aerodu and even an outlaw. She is also a mass murderer, killing off about twenty meerkats total before arriving at the setting of Mile Meerkat. She is also "evil as she is white", which was the surname of the saga she appeared in.

She is a large cat, weighing at about 12 pounds, and is all white. Gaylord hates meerkats and other small mammals for an unknown reason. She is portrayed as a vile, insane, psychotic yet patient cat. Gaylord,

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