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Jericho(born in October 5th, 1998) is a now old meerkat who first appeared in the pilot. He is the main antagonist of Mile Meerkat. He is grouchy and the archenemy of Enterprise. First appeared with Gunlock and Gooseneck when Shakespeare came to join, but Jericho ordered Gunlock and Gooseneck to get him out of his sight.

Jericho appears again in the same episode at the end when Gooseneck brings a half-dead Gunlock to his presence. Jericho, disgusted at what he sees, orders that Gunlock must be "left for dead." However, Gooseneck digs a den and places Gunlock in it, burying it, and leaving it, since there will be insulation underground.


Jericho is a mean meerkat who is not the kind to be messed with, in episode #15 of Mile Meerkat, Jericho meets Shakespheare again and the two engage in a bloody fight, however, Jericho wins. Enterprise and Fink saw everything, and tells them that if he sees Shakespheare again, he will be killed. So, Enterprise tells Fink that they must let Shakespheare go into another clan far away.

Jericho was a very strong meerkat in seasons one-five, but he has aged and is now trying to avoid possible assassination attack from Cash.

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