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Wopowog (May 15th, 2005-Decmber 10th, 2009) is the villainous puff adder and one of the main antagonists of Mile Meerkat season one. He is a powerful Bitis arietans who was a minor character when he hatched from an egg of an unknown mother in May 15th, 2005 in season seven. He is by no doubt most popular for biting Shakespeare multiple times in the neck and leg in season ten. By the fifth bite, Wopowog bit Shakespeare with a dry bite and his left tooth broke in two, the pointed part impaling his own back! Wopowog manages to get the tooth out, but he is left with a terrible wound in late december and dies shortly.


Wopowog was born to an unknown mother who was constantly hunted. Wopowog's mother was defanged, so she sacrificed herself to save Wopowog, as revealed in the eighth episode of season seven #153.

Wopowog was born early, and explored the world as an orphan. He

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